Osteopath for Babies and Children


Over the years I have received many letters and cards from parents, and sometimes the children, expressing thanks for the treatments they received. I have selected a few of the most touching to share with you here. I hope they bring you the same joy they have brought me.

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10th July 2001


Dear Tracey,

I want to thank you for the extraordinary treatment that you gave [F] last Thursday. (I should really say [F] and me.)

Everybody close to her has noticed a great change. Her father when we all met up a few days later commented that she was much less brittle and a friend said to me that [F] seemed to be having a spring.

As we left ... and walked to the station, the quality of holding her hand was so different, we were both filled with joy. What I find very interesting is, that you told me she would need constant reassurance of my love, and when you said that, I felt worried that I could not reassure her more than I had been doing. But its suddenly as if she has accepted my love and everything is much lighter between us. She has the same attitude to the outside world: Before last Thursday, everything that went wrong was in her eyes the world against her. It worried me alot. Travelling on a train the other day, we opened the window prior to getting off, and rain water that had collected somewhere poured over [F]'s head. I held my breath, waiting for the scream & the blame but she was laughing!

Physically, [F]'s shoulders me no longer about her ears, and she no longer has the look of someone about to launch themselves into space!

I have been wondering why I burst into tears. Its quite unlike me for that to happen. I haven't quite worked out if I was feeling [F]'s sadness and it burst like a bubble in your treatment. Or if something in [F] made you feel sad and I felt your sadness. I have felt sad about [F] for a while, because I gave her all I knew how to, and I haven't understood her, and nothing has worked.

All that has changed so suddenly I cannot thank you enough.

My beloved child has opened and become stronger and full of joy and sadness. She used to be full of anger and rigidity, which left no room for anything else. I think you must be a healer as well as an osteopath.

Thank you



Just a note to say a huge Thank-you for the treatment you have given to [H] and [K]. A major improvement on them both.