Osteopath for Babies and Children


Over the years I have received many letters and cards from parents, and sometimes the children, expressing thanks for the treatments they received. I have selected a few of the most touching to share with you here. I hope they bring you the same joy they have brought me.

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10 February 2004

Dear Tracey,

... a very belated thank you for your letter last year letting us know your new contact details, and with the name of an alternative osteopath for the twins.

Since [A] and [S]'s remarkable recovery following your treatment, I have not felt they needed further treatment. They have both developed into very happy and alert little girls, and I am obviously delighted with their progress. You would never guess that they had been born prematurely + had such a difficult start to life.

I hope your move to work closer to home has worked out well for you, + I wish you all the best.

We will never forget, and we cannot thank you enough, for your transformation of [A] and [S].

With our best regards,


You are amazingly talented. We appreciate what you've done for us